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The Cult Of V


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Hondalover I absolutely fell in love with this album! Everything about this is great. Reminds me of Korn mixed with some elements of Slipknot and industrial likes. Favorite track: The Omega Song.
Richard McLellan
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Richard McLellan A great album with some awesome power riffs and power drumming mixed with some slightly offbeat lyrics. It works. It's brilliant. I want more. GIMME MORE! Favorite track: Boy Called Fucker.
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The Omega Song Eve was a troubled girl left alone in a wicked world Melancholy came knocking on door knocking so loud Eve opened the door. The guest locked it up and asked for Eve never again to let anything in Melancholy thus introduced itself offering Eve a relief. Red on the floor red on the wall o’ sweet Eve dressed in blood what is the story behind the star that lights up the morning sky C’mon baby let’s forget your God tonight Time stood still and Eve felt the end was getting near never again would her have to see never again would her have to feel Melancholy stood behind the gun said: ‘desicion is yours but it has to be done’ in a shape of a snake it kissed her skin for a moment time stood still Watching you fade away makes me wanna touch myself I think it’s better to walk away Let it go, let’s go Eve was haunted
New Toy 04:01
New Toy Like a little boy I’ve got a new toy and now I wanna be your dog do as told The way you’re shaking me, making me suck O’ chains of love chrushing my motherfucking bones Taking in, making out, let me cum into your mouth Where you’re taking me? Are we going too far? You’re breaking me! Going in going out You’re shaking, baby You’re shaking me Like a little boy I’ve got a new toy and you’re a little girl, you make me burn Where you’re taking me? Are we going too far?
7 Days to Reverse Universe Saatana! I had a dream and I woke up dead and it was okay but nothing was right and it went like this Saw two seraphims hanging at the gallows Heard them speak something about the motherfucking end of the world I was fucking excited but I heard their words went something like this “Uncreate this world and everything else that fails” This world is a whore with a barrel in her mouth singing the Butcher ’s Song Yes, right, singing the Butcher ’s Song At the same time God had a thought – what if the dirt, of what he made man, was actually shit? Way to go – fucking correct! O’ so divine allmighty Seven days and fuck yeah it’s done! You ended up with a world full of shit God is a butcher with a fucking big knife ready to cut some mortal guts
The Ghost of Love Round and round dance till dawn I will make you pray for more Pretty girl perfect smile Don’t play fool you oughta know just this time -no more Save the tears I dont care What’s love got to do with this? What’s love got to do with anything? Nothing at all We better just keep on flying so we can keep on falling Making love sounds like fun we can make it last all night Pretty eyes, perfect thighs Well that was nice and you should go I don’t need this – no more Don’t believe in these things I like it dirty, I like it raw, I like it filthy, I want it more I don’t believe in the Ghost of Love anymore
Boy Called Fucker Fuck this it’s always the same The same game and the same mistakes And I’m getting bored of all the talk about you and your vain attempts Fuck off! Give me a break and fuck off ’cos I don’t wanna hear anymore of this bullshit. No wonder you didn´t make it if you didn´t even try it. Headache and my ears are sore You and me and I, we separate I keep movin’ and you do nothing You are a stupid boy and you don’t know what is out there ’cos you’re afraid of the pain and the bruises and some blood and heartache and fences, that might come and get you Will you stand up or will you stay down? Will you stand up or stay down? Say you gonna do it but you’re never gonna make it Say you gonna get it but you ain’t getting it Say you wanna do it but you’re never gonna make it’s happen It’s always the same Here we go again! The same game and the fucking mistakes. Still waiting? What the fuck? You tosser, you call this life? It’s nothing but a goddamn illusion of being safe and being saved from that one single thing you really have for yourself, fucker! You will never make it happen
Scream 04:42
Scream Right on love is just a game you and I babe we don’t play it so well Roll on, this will never end we’ll just keep on painting our canvas of love with pain O’ sister tell me why I cannot see so far Scream And nobody is there to hear you And nobody is there for you now And nobody is there to hear you Right on, love is just a game a game you and I never knew how to play O’ sister tell me why I cannot see so far You’re not gonna get away with this You’re gonna get kicked in the face motherfucker, cocksucker I am Satan I worship Satan
The Butcher’s Song What if God was a woman? She’d fuck Jesus with a strap on! I killed that whore but I don’t care I killed them all anyway I killed them all but I don’t care I killed that whore anyway I don’t care but I killed them anyway There is a mouth at the end of every barrel There is a noose at the end of every rope Burn it all down Burn it all now C’mon motherfuckers let’s do it now Let’s do it the way it should be done I don’t care, baby Let’s fuck, let’s fuck all night Tomorrow will take our lives Let’s drink and fuck tonight
All Insane 02:54
All Insane Shut up that’s enough zip it I got I’ve got inside too much these scars So what the fuck where should I go? Where will I end up? Fucking up shit not cheap to me, yeah? Take it off Take it all now Take it, take it Rip it off Rip it all and go All insane Don’t you think so? We’re all slipping away I can see we’re all insane I shot you shot A 1000 dead point blank We’ll all get holes in our heads Lick in to shape Lick into safe and sane Feed this! Impale! Impair! All I wanted is going to be mine
Break the Face Abso’fucking’lutely it’s 666 It makes me sick and it goes round and round in my head to toes. Way to go, I suppose C’mon baby I’ll take us to paradise Cain and Abel or Adam and Eve Round and round ’till we reach the Pearly Gates Ready or not, we’re gonna burn it down Break the face Absolutely baby I am going crazy Break my heart and I’ll break your face I said: “break my heart and I’ll break your face” Abso’fucking’lutely, baby I am going motherfucking crazy (He’s going crazy)
Constant of Death There hides an evil in every white of the map of your mind The monster is there and so is the Devil, who’s now to break your heart They will break your heart and it tears you apart Every breath that you’ll take brings you closer to the end The undeniable Constant of Death And every step takes you away from the one you just left behind You all will die Can you die with a smile on your face or is it life that defines how you’ll die If the monster is tamed and dead is the devil, who’s now to break your heart? Who will break your heart and who will tear you apart? Yeah, don’t let it break you apart When this system fails you’re going down Crushing everything on your way, leaving nothing to turn on Now thinking over the past mistakes The misbehaves They have come to stay Breaking apart
Entertainment What is this? It’s getting sinister We had to fuck it up once again I didn’t ask for it but here the answer is You motherfuckers always need to get entertained Now that’s what I call entertainment broken hearts and ethic questions What’s the matter with all and everything This is it and it’s getting real We’re breathing it, touching it and killing it And we’re loving every single fucking minute of it I don’t mind if you kill it or not It’s up to you, you made the rules Entertainment That’s how we get entertained, making all the same mistakes Place your bets Let’s higher the stakes
60° and 6 ft. Deep Once turned on there’s no return but the mind goes blind it doesn’t matter The heat is motherfucking irressistible 60° it’s hard to breath 6 feet deep and you would do it again Love’s like an electric chair
The End 04:08
The End Preachers and prayers have never given anything Our planet’s in peril The downhill is too steep and we’re going down too deep Too fast, too much Too late, let’s go, then We all can see the end geting closer every step Too deep, too fast, too late, go! The end is not near The end is here We’re all born to lose The end ain’t near It’s fucking here Hail the creation nevermind the evolution and bible is as good as thruth We all can see the end geting closer every step Too deep, too fast Too late, go we are going down with a speed of light and we’re dying to see the end
V for Violence We’re the bruise on your face and the mark of Cain We’re the Pain, the Sin, Lust and Decay We are the angel that flew to Hell and back We’re left and right We’re white and black We’re the mouth that takes it’s final breath and prays for death We’re the nine inch nails that fucked His flesh We’re the mother of God and the Holy Goat We’re the violence and that’s all you motherfuckers need Violence is everything Violence is all you need We’re the rope around your throath and blade on your wrist We’re the snake telling you to taste the Sin We’re the finger on the trigger in the hands of God O’ shine the light, we’re the Morningstars We’re the apple stuck on Adam’s throath We’re the time running out and the Shepherd gone mad We’re the 666 carved on your neck We’re the violence and that’s all you motherfuckers need 1-2-3-4 What are you waiting for now 5-6-6-6 Do you wanna get fucked like that cunt on a crusifix? You wanna live it or just keep dreaming? Gunshot – and the people’re screaming! Barrelchrist! Fucking barrel fucking Christ! Fucking what?


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released November 18, 2015


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V FOR VIOLENCE Helsinki, Finland

“Just as Slipknot´s debut delivered a fuel-injected ’fuck you’ to the metal scene in the 90s, so the Vs´debut does the same”
-Metal Hammer

V FOR VIOLENCE is an Alternative Metal band from Finland. Being referred to different bands from various genres, such as Slipknot, Marilyn Manson and The 69 Eyes, the V represents musically perhaps something else than the majority of the metal and rock scene.
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